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Colonoscopy services for Perth and Murdoch area


Endoscopic examination using a camera on a flexible tube through the anus.

Gastroscopies for Perth and Murdoch area


A gastroscopy involves a flexible tube with a camera entered through the mouth.

Video capsule endoscopy Perth and Murdoch area

Video capsule endoscopy 

A camera in a capsule travels through the gastrointestinal tract producing images.
Video capsule

Why see a gastroenterologist?


You experience regular and consistent heartburn. This may be a symptom of acid reflux or GORD.


A recent change in bowel habit such as constipation often warrants investigation.

Colon Cancer Screening

You want to detect colorectal cancer and polyps early.

Stomach Ulcer

You experience stomach pain which may be a sign of an ulcer.


You have frequent diarrhoea.

Blood in stool

You have noticed blood in your stool.


You experience abdominal pain which may be a sign of gallstones.


You’re bloated after having a meal.
Gastroenterologist Perth - Clarity


Gastroenterologist Perth -  Early detection

early detection

Gastroenterologist Perth - piece of mind

Peace of mind

Clarity. Early Detection. Peace-of-Mind.

As a gastroenterologist I believe you deserve clarity about how your gut influences your overall health. Clarity leads to early detection and it gives peace-of-mind. When you book an endoscopy of the stomach or a colonoscopy, you deserve to receive more than just a procedure. Gutworks aims to provide you a diagnosis. A diagnosis which you can understand and a clear action plan.

About Gutworks

Gastroenterologist Vanoo Jayasekeran
Dr. Vanoo Jayasekeran undertook his Gastroenterology and Internal Medicine training in the UK and completed a PhD in Brain-Gut Axis. His particular interest is endoscopic assessment and treatment. Dr Jayasekeran also specialises in managing biliary and pancreatic diseases. At Gutworks, his focus is to provide an unrushed, accurate and comprehensive assessment. He believes you deserve a balanced opinion based on up to date evidence. Gutworks welcomes discussions by phone from referrers and can arrange for urgent assessment and diagnostics. Dr Jayasekeran carries our procedures at St John of God Murdoch Hospital.

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